Conicals for Augers, Core Barrels, Buckets

Our Manufacturers:

31 Years in the Drilling Manufacturing and Consumables Business
Compete with Famous Brands in 40 Countries Around the World
Internationally recognized quality (ISO:9001) and environmental standards (ISO:14001)

Product Equivalent to Shank Diameter Carbide Diameter Holder Ground Type
B47K-17.5H 38/30mm 17.5mm B43H Medium-Hard
B47K-19H 38/30mm 19mm B43H Medium-Hard
B47K-22H 38/30mm 22mm B43H Medium-Hard
SM02 22mm 15.88mm C87H Soft
SM06 22mm 12.22mm C87H Medium-Hard
SL02 22mm 15.88mm C87H Soft
SL04 22mm 12.22mm C87H Medium-Hard
Ground Type Rock Types MPa
Soft Soapstone, Shale, Lignite 0-35
Medium Limestone, Caliche, Bauxite, Anthracite, MudStone 20-60
Hard Dolomite, Limestone 50-100

These products are:

non-OEM replacements for company Betek, Kennametal, Bauer etc. parts
not affiliated with Betek, Kennametal, Bauer etc. in any way
the replacement parts are not sourced from Betek, Kennametal, Bauer etc.